I want a pet!

Get a pet 

Dear parents, I really want a pet and here are all of my reasons why you should get me a pet…

I really want to get a pet but my parents won’t let me. I think I should get a pet because I am responsible and because I love pets.

I want a pet because I am very responsible and I love pets, like cats and dogs and more. My birthday is coming up. I like pets. I have time. .I finish my homework fast. .I go outside a lot. We have room for it to sleep. We have a pretty big backyard. I have a pretty big front yard. We are close to a lot of parks.

I feel good about it because I think I am responsible enough . There are big places to play and places for the pet to sleep and my birthday is coming up.

I will do more chores and I will have less time on my tech and go play with my pet.